Anti-Racism Initiative

The G20 Interfaith Forum Association (IF20) Anti-Racism Initiative shall, within the broad parameters of the IF20 Statement on Racism, remain sensitive to the impact of racism as a cross-cutting issue for IF20 and G20 comprehensively, especially in the G20’s pursuit of full compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It shall be the Mandate of the Initiative to continuously develop sensitivity to racism within the scope of the IF20; to discern and to name the presence of racism as an issue for the IF20 and the G20; and to advise the IF20 Working Groups on racial discrimination and inequity as applicable to their work.

The Initiative will assume explicit responsibility within the IF20 to work towards  the eradication of racism as a standing item for both the IF20 and the G20 agendas; and to work towards advancing the goal of racial equality and equity by every means available.

G20 Interfaith Forum Statement of Principles on Eliminating Racism

The Statement of Principles frames ongoing conversations and actions of the G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) and working groups that address global agendas, in opposing racism and promoting human dignity and equity. Read the statement here.

Initiative Members

Audrey Kitagawa | Chair

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Mohammed Abu-Nimer | Committee Member

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W. Cole Durham | Committee Member

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Elizabeta Kitanovic | Committee Member

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Asher Maoz  |  Committee Member

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Katherine Marshall | Committee Member

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Peter Petkoff | Committee Member

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Anthony Reddie | Committe Member

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Marianna Richardson | Committee Member

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Sherrie Steiner | Committee Member

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Christina Tobias-Nahi | Committee Member

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Jim Christie | Committee Member

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