G20 Interfaith Forum

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Seeking for global solutions by collaborating with religious thought leaders and political representatives.


Monday, June 29 at 3PM in Brussels (7 AM MDT)

Saturday, June 27 12PM in Saudi Arabia

13-16 October 2020 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

There will be additional meetings in the following locations:

Asia, South America, Washington DC, and Africa.

2020 Saudi Arabia Interfaith Forum

The Saudi G20 Presidency will steer the work of the G20 towards the theme of “Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All.” The aims of the host country are threefold: Empowering people, by creating the conditions in which all people – especially women and youth – can live, work and thrive. Safeguarding the planet, by fostering collective efforts to protect our global commons. Shaping new frontiers, by adopting long-term and bold strategies to share benefits of innovation and technological advancement.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh / KSA - April 20 2019: Riyadh Sunset, Kingdom Tower Day to night - Saudi Arabia Tower Landmark - Burj AlMamlakah - Riyadh from morning to evening

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