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G20 Interfaith Forum International Organizing Committee

Profile Name Position Organization Country
Prof. Mohammed Abu-Nimer Senior Advisor KAICIID Dialogue Centre Austria
Dr. Brian J. Adams Director Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue, Griffith University Australia
Prof. Cristina Calvo Director International Program on Democracy, Society, and New Economies, University of Buenos Aires Argentina
Rev. Dr. Jim Christie Director Ridd Institute for Religion and Global Policy, University of Winnipeg Canada
Prof. Pieter Coertzen Faculty of Theology University of Stellenbosch South Africa
Dr. Ganoune Diop Director of Public Affairs and Religious LIberty Seventh-day Adventist Church United States
Professor W. Cole Durham, Jr. Founding Director International Center for Law and Religion Studies, BYU Law School United States
HE. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France Metropolitan of France Ecumenical Patriarch France
Prof. Alessandro Ferrari Director Center on Religion, Law and Economy in the Mediterranean Area, Insubria Italy
Prof. Marie-Claire Foblets Director Department of Law & Anthropology, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Germany
Dr. Haruhisa Handa  
Chairman, Worldwide Support for Development, Japan; Patron, G20 Religious Leaders Summit
Prof. John Kirton Co-Director G20 Research Group, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto Canada
Dr. Elizabeta Kitanovic

Executive Secretary for Human Rights

The Conference of European Churches Belgium
Prof. Asher Maoz Dean Peres Academic Center Law School Israel
Prof. Katherine Marshall Senior Fellow Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Georgetown University United States
Rev. Yoshinobu Miyake Superior General Konko Church of Izuo Japan
Midori Miyazaki Director International Shinto Foundation (for Dr. Haruhisa Handa) United States
Prof. Faizan Mustafa Vice-Chancellor NALSAR University of Law India
Prof. Juan G. Navarro Floria Professor Pontificia Universidad Católica de Argentina; National Justice and Peace Commission Argentina
Prof. Norberto Padilla President Latin American Consortium for Religious Liberty Argentina
Dr. Peter Petkoff Director Law and Religion Programme, Regent’s Park College, Oxford University United Kingdom
Dr. Raúl Scialabba President Argentinian Council for Religious Liberty (CALIR) Argentina
Humberto Martin Shikiya Director General Center for Reflection and Social Action (CREAS) Argentina
Prof. Xiaoyun Zheng Deputy Director Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing