Dr. Fadi Daou

Fadi Daou, laureate of the Elevate Prize (MIT) 2020 for Global change-makers, is co-founder of Adyan Foundation, senior advisor, social entrepreneur, and professor contributing in Lebanon and internationally to the promotion of peace, interfaith relations and inclusive citizenship. He holds a PHD in Theology and an MA in Political philosophy, accompanied by an extensive research and publication activity in: Political and theological Pluralism, Citizenship and diversity education, and Geopolitics of religions. We selectively cite: “Divine Hospitality: A Christian-Muslim Conversation”, co-authored with Nayla Tabbara and published in French, Arabic, English and German. He also has op-ed contributions in Arabic on Taadudiya. His academic work nourishes his entrepreneurial and policymaking engagement, being at the origin or part of many local and international initiatives fostering peace and intercultural understanding. In Lebanon, he chaired the Educational Public Policy Reform: “National Strategy for Citizenship and Coexistence Education” (2012-2017), implemented by Adyan Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. He is also chairing since 2018 the track 2 “National Dialogue for Citizenship and Coexistence in Iraq”. On a regular basis he contributes to local and international platforms promoting Peacebuilding, Freedom of Religion and belief (FoRB), and Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE).

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