October Newsletter 2022

London Conversations

Michael Macey
Morgana Sythove

London Event

Video Sessions

Session One: Welcome and Opening Plenary Why Gender and Youth Matters in FoRB and Conflict

Session Two: Gendered Violations and FoRB

Session Three: Building Positive Gender Identities

Session Three: Documentary on FoRB

Session Five: Conclusion, What Can the International Community Do?

Viewpoints Blog

By JoAnne Wadsworth, Communications Consultant, G20 Interfaith Forum

– – –

On July 6, 2022, the G20 Interfaith Forum, with the cooperation of partnering organizations, held the 2022 International Ministerial Fringe Conferences On Preventing Violence Promoting Freedom of Belief. The conferences were held in the Hyde Park Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in London, England. This session, titled “Why Gender and Youth Matter in FoRB and Conflict” acted as the opening plenary for other sessions to follow.

Speakers included Helene Fisher, Global Gender Persecution Specialist at Open Doors; Heela Yoon, Founder and CEO of the Afghan Women Welfare and Development Association; Audrey Kitagawa, President  and Founder of the International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation; Kimberlie Orr, University of Notre Dame Law School; and Dishani Jayaweera, Co-Founder of the Centre for Peace-Building and Reconciliation. Dr. Sam Rushworth, Chair/Co-Director of the Global Challenge Research Fund, moderated the discussion, and Traci de Marco, Europe North Area Organisation Advisor for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, provided an official welcome to the venue.

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