The Second Interreligious Forum of the Americas
7-8 June, 2022

Conference Session Recordings

Opening Plenary: The Second Interreligious Forum of the Americas (FIDELA)

Welcoming Remarks

Elias Szczytnicki began the inaugural session by formally welcoming all speakers, participants, and audience members to the event. As the main organizer behind the first FIDELA conference, he expressed his happiness that this second event had much higher international participation, with voices from many different countries in the region, representing the very rich religious diversity of the Americas.

Before introducing the first round of speakers, Szczytnicki invited all to stand and join together in a moment of silence and prayer, asking for the success of both FIDELA and the Summit of the Americas. He then invited representatives from each of the event’s co-organizers to offer welcoming remarks….

Session Recordings

Day 1

Ballroom A/B, Opening Plenary & Keynote Address

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Ballroom A/B, 1st Session, Engaging religious leaders to strengthen inclusive democracies

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Ballroom C, 1st Session, Multireligious collaboration to improve pandemic response and resilience (NO TRANSLATION TRACK PROVIDED)

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Ballroom D, 1st Session, Interreligious approaches to address root causes of refugee and migration

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Ballroom A/B, 2nd Session, Interreligious cooperation to stabilize fragile democracies

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Ballroom C, 2nd Session, Religious perspectives on green growth and sustainable development in harmony with the environment

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Ballroom D, 2nd Session, Extending welcome from faith communities at the US-Mexico border

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Ballroom A/B, 3rd Session, Responding to the challenges of freedom of conscience and religion

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Ballroom C, 3rd Session, Ensuring Full Engagement of Women and Girls in Religion and Society

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Day 2

Ballroom A/B, Plenary Session, Addresses: The role of faith communities in peacebuilding in the Americas

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Ballroom A/B, 4th Session, Enhancing religious contributions to diversity and inclusion

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Ballroom C, 4th Session, Youth interreligious cooperation to fight racism in the Americas

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Ballroom D, 4th Session, Religious restorative and reconciliatory practices in building beloved communities

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Ballroom A/B, Closing Plenary Session

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FIDELA II Interviews

Audrey Kitagawa

Daniel Tamm

Marisa Limón Garza

Melody Amal Khalil Kabalan

Piero Liebman

Rachel Palermo

Rosanna Matos

Swami Mahayogananda

Whitney Clayton

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